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400 Infiniti

400 Infiniti

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Our featured vehicles!
  • 2015 Infiniti Q50  $36,995.00 (64,391 km)
    2015 Infiniti Q50
    $36,995.00 (64,391 km)
  • 2014 Infiniti Qx60  $34,664.00 (42,168 km)
    2014 Infiniti Qx60
    $34,664.00 (42,168 km)
  • 2015 Infiniti QX80  $59,990.00 (28,644 km)
    2015 Infiniti QX80
    $59,990.00 (28,644 km)
  • 2016 Infiniti Qx60  $39,996.00 (15,062 km)
    2016 Infiniti Qx60
    $39,996.00 (15,062 km)
  • 2014 Infiniti Qx60  $39,995.00 (78,250 km)
    2014 Infiniti Qx60
    $39,995.00 (78,250 km)
  • 2015 Infiniti Q50  $33,995.00 (53,028 km)
    2015 Infiniti Q50
    $33,995.00 (53,028 km)
  • 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe  $32,954.00 (124,126 km)
    2011 Chevrolet Tahoe
    $32,954.00 (124,126 km)
  • 2015 Infiniti Q50  $32,595.00 (37,365 km)
    2015 Infiniti Q50
    $32,595.00 (37,365 km)
  • 2013 Buick Enclave  $31,990.00 (71,745 km)
    2013 Buick Enclave
    $31,990.00 (71,745 km)
  • 2014 Infiniti Q50  $27,995.00 (123,489 km)
    2014 Infiniti Q50
    $27,995.00 (123,489 km)
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400 Infiniti - Infiniti Dealer in Barrie, Collingwood & Newmarket

400 Infiniti in Barrie, Collingwood & Newmarket is dedicated to living up to and exceeding your standards each and every time. Come pay us a visit if you want to see our excellence in action? We hope to make your visit at 400 Infiniti a pleasant one, whether you're motivated to drive away in a new Infiniti, in need of a tune-up, or would like to browse our Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. Whatever your needs, we're happy to help.

We encourage you to browse our online inventory of both new and pre-owned vehicles, schedule a test drive and discover our helpful financing options. You can also request more information about a specific vehicle using any of our online forms or by calling us at 1-844-883-1780.
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400 Infiniti
2474, Doral Dr, Innisfil
ON L9S 0A3
Toll-free: D2C website phone 1-844-883-1780
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