Apple CarPlay The ultimate copilot

A brand new game-changing feature has been recently introduced to Infiniti, allowing you to keep in contact and stay connected while on the road. In this society, your smartphone is your sidekick that comes with you anywhere you go. While on the road, you can engage in apps from options such as messaging, music, navigation, phone, calendar, podcasts, and many more. This will keep you entertained and stay in the loop at all times no matter where you are heading. Apple Car Play now comes standard in 2020 models. 

Apple CarPlay

Voice Control and Siri

With Apple Car Play now available, phone calls, text messages, maps, and apps are at your fingertips by using voice control powered by Siri. The opportunities are endless without having to take your eyes off the road or pick up a phone.


The Maps and Waze app located on your screen allows you to gaze at directions easier and stay guided while on the road through voice technology, directing you on every turn and street. An immersive 3-D display determines where you are headed using addresses from existing text messages, email, or calendars.

Phone Calls

Phone calls are now made on the go with the simple push of a button. Designed just as your smartphone would display, recent calls, contacts, and numbers are all show on your dashboard to eliminate physically picking up your phone and allow you to stay connected while on your commute. 


Send and receive text messages without the worry of picking up your smartphone. With new voice technology, create a command that allows you to compose a text message to your desired contact, or respond to an incoming text message right away. The hands-free option enables you to quickly and easily respond and compose text messages, allowing you to stay connected at all times.


Prepare for pure entertainment through the Apple Music App, where you can browse your personalized music library and make your commute a whole lot more enjoyable. From browsing artists, to set playlists, the options are endless are you control what you are listening to.


Apple Car Play is designed to replicate your smartphone based on the apps and swiping motions presented on your dashboard screen. The Apps that are available can range from messaging, audio, and voice apps such as Whatsapp, Podcasts, Waze, and many more. You can control most of your vehicles features as well through uploaded apps specifically fit for your car, so you never have to leave Carplay.

With Apple Car Play now standard on most of our models for 2020, drivers are now more connected. Paired with the already advanced technology that comes on Infiniti Vehicles, you will never have to worry about connectivity on the go, or missing an important call or turning on the wrong street. 
If you have any questions regarding Apple Car Play or how to set it up in your vehicle, please feel free to contact us!