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Brakes and tires go hand in hand

400 INFINITI - INFINITI Tire Service

Your Brakes Matter

Brakes and tires go hand in hand. While the wheels, callipers, rotors, and brake pads all play a crucial role in how your vehicle stops, tire grip is also very important. Even with newly installed brakes on your car, your ability to stop will only be as good as the tires that connect to the road. One of the most dangerous things you can do is drive on bald tires. Driving your vehicle with bald tires on dry road conditions increases the risk of a blowout.

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The 2021 QX55, Coming Soon to 400 INFINITI

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The 2021 QX55, Coming Soon to 400 INFINITI

INFINITI has recently announced the production and release of the 2021 QX55 available in Q4 2020. At 400 INFINITI located in Innisfil, Ontario and proudly serving the Simcoe, Muskoka and Greater Barrie Areas, we always keep our customers informed of the latest and greatest from INFINITI.

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