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Information In The Digital Age

In today's era of Google and YouTube, it has become quite easy to obtain information about anything. Automotive consumers now spend more time online researching and learning about their future vehicle purchases even before stepping foot into a dealership. Many more have usually made their decision in the comfort of their own homes. Though information is readily available, it is always best to validate what one has learned before making a decision. In some situations, consumers gain information not for the purpose of making a decision, but for understanding a potential problem. In any case, it is always best to speak to the professionals to get the answers to your questions.

At 400 INFINITI located at 2474 Doral Dr. Innisfil, Ontario, we are proud to have a staff of automotive professionals. Sales consultants with expertise in product knowledge, service consultants who can help with repairs, and parts consultants who will make sure to find the perfect part for your INFINITI. As an INFINITI Service Centre in Innisfil, ON/Greater Barrie area, there are many questions we receive on a daily basis from automotive consumers who want to learn more about their INFINITIs. We always strive to answer any questions that they may have, and if we are unable to, we will try our hardest to find answers for them. We receive questions from consumers in Barrie, Simcoe, and Muskoka.

Frequently Asked Questions About INFINITI Service

This section will help to address some of the common questions we receive from our clientele. We are providing them for learning purposes.

Do you have to pay for INFINITI InTouch?

INFINITI Connection PLUS/InTouch Services Premier is included for the first year of ownership. The systems open up a new dimension of connectivity. Helping you stay connected with your vehicle and the world around you. There are costs associated with INFINITI InTouch Services once the one-year subscription expires.

Can you track an INFINITI?

This is a very unique question in that we have built Infiniti's for the performance enthusiast in everyone. At the same time, taking an INFINITI to the track will result in excessive wear and tear on components like suspension, brakes, and tires. In most cases, the warranty coverage will also become void if it is found out that the INFINITI was used in this manner. Our vehicles are designed and engineered to be enjoyed; however, there are so many unknown variables when tracking a vehicle; hence, we do not recommend it.

How much is INFINITI InTouch Services

After the initial one-year subscription expires INFINITI Connection Plus will cost $16.99 per month or $203.88 per year, and if you opt for InTouch Services Premier monthly costs will be $33.99 and yearly $407.88.

Do metallic brake pads shorten rotor life?

As a general rule, brake pads are designed to last anywhere between 50,000 and 110,000km. This would be in ideal driving conditions. If you tend to drive a bit more aggressively, the number above could be reduced substantially. Metallic brake pads do not affect the life expectancy of the rotor. Rotors typically last up to three times longer than brake pads.

My brake pads are very dusty. Are all pads dusty?

The dust which accumulates on your rims is produced from the material which wears off from the brake pad and rotors. If you are noticing an excessive amount of brake dust on your pads and wheels, it could be due to hard and frequent braking. It is best to have your brake system inspected by INFINITI parts and service in Innisfil, Ontario/Greater Barrie Area. You can schedule a service appointment online and this will help to increase the life of your brakes.

Are all brake rotors the same?

No, there are many rotors available in the market for your INFINITI. The level of quality and durability varies with the cost of the brake rotor. Genuine INFINITI brake rotors are designed and engineered to provide you the braking power you felt when you first bought your INFINITI. Each rotor goes through INFINITI approved testing to make sure you only receive the best parts. There are many aftermarket parts available for your INFINITI, although quality and fitment parameters cannot be verified.

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