The QX Inspiration Concept

QX Inspiration Concept

Innisfil, Ontario, is one of the most attractive cities in all of Canada. The city proudly hosts our INFINITI dealership that offers one of the first fully electric concept vehicles. Our dealership is about 101 km north of Toronto. It is surrounded by the beautiful cities of Barrie, Simcoe County and Muskoka, which we also serve.

The car of the future has finally arrived. It is described as the new era of fully electric vehicles. The aesthetically pleasing vehicle has rounded corners. It looks like a vehicle made for television. What is the name of the new all-electric car? It is called the QX Inspiration.

QX Inspiration - 400 Infiniti

What is the QX inspiration concept?

The QX Inspiration concept is one in which Infiniti infuses the car with a new look. The vehicle has the DNA imprint of Japanese engineering established within the Far Eastern culture. The luxury vehicle is motivated by origami. The car's elegant folds bring an authentic and fresh look to the INFINITI electric car. 

The all-new QX Inspiration does not contain any traditional engine parts, which saves space. The interior is composed of superior material that provides comfortable seating. The vehicle has the warmth of the Japanese culture, and the interior design makes the car very appealing.


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QX Inspiration Theory Features

The exterior of the QX inspiration fully electric concept car has angled panels that improve the car's aerodynamics. The crossover is 183.1 inches long and is 64.2 inches tall. It has slim headlights that project lighting further forward, and they complement its curvy but sporty bumper. The coupe-styled roof peaks over the front seats. Therefore, the roof's sloping portion adds to the vehicle's acceleration's quickness, which highlights the Kammtail rear.

The QX Inspiration's massive wheels provide extra gripping on the road that adds to the driver's control and handling at high-speeds. The 22-inch wheels add to the overall concept of the vehicle. The low-profile tires can carry heavy loads across uneven terrain, even though there is less rubber between the tire's rim and the road.

Further, the car has slits on its side mirrors, which improves the Prototype 10 concept. The concept adds to the engineers exploring geometric shapes. The Prototype 10 concept, being at the forefront of the Inspiration concept, has a touch of "ma." The term "ma" is a simple Japanese term that means the master of empty space. The clam-shell doors are the entry to the vehicle's exquisite interior.

The front of the vehicle highlights a lighted Infiniti emblem and the brand INFINITI in soft ambient light.

QX Inspiration Fully Electric Concept Interior Features

The QX inspiration interior offers several key features. The vehicle provides a lounge-style layout for its seating capacity of four. It provides a combination of leather and soft interior. The sporty front seats are incredibly comfortable with a luxurious reclining experience. Each seat offers a futuristic and molded design.

The rear seats are rich in style. A passenger will enjoy a lattice glass roof with twisting slats. The slats provide a diverse look with appearing black from the inside and white from the outside.

The marble center console extends to the back of the QX Inspiration. It offers a holder to fit a gold flower vase. The Inspiration also offers a gold-tinted, wide-screen monitor. The touchscreen affords many controls that allow a driver to direct the vehicle with safety as a priority.

The steering is designed from a futuristic concept. It is made of top-grain leather, and then there is a control screen in its center to maintain driver handling. There are four high-resolution screens comprised of three sections. There are two screens designed in front of the driver's seat with a third screen strategically placed in front of the passenger. The center console houses the fourth screen. The floor is flat, and it offers a geometric pattern. The flooring has gold accents made of microsuede. The flooring has the illusion of an Italian tile. It quickly impresses all with its high-tech appeal.

The vehicle has a hint of marble on the door sill. The door sill guards against scuffs and dents to keep the automobile with a scratch-free appearance.

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The development of the QX Inspiration is unique. It looks like a space ship. It surprisingly has a luxurious interior and is in high demand. The QX inspiration fully electric concept car is available to test drive today. Our knowledgeable sales representatives are ready to assist you. Contact us to learn more about the QX Inspiration and to view our new INFINITI lineup today.

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