2021 Q50 for Sale in Innisfil, ON / Greater Barrie Area

New 2021 Q50 in Innisfil, ON / Greater Barrie Area

The 2021 Q50 is an impressive car that any driver would be thrilled to use. Nonetheless, if you want to buy this car, you must ensure you get it from an authorized dealer. At 400 Infiniti, we are the best Q50 dealership, and we offer excellent 2021 Q50 cars for sale. We are located in Innisfil, ON, and we also serve customers located in Simcoe, Muskoka, and Barrie. The 2021 Q50 is a unique car, from its appearance to its performance capabilities. Ideally, this car looks like a sports sedan, and it also has powerful engine options that ensure its performance is excellent. Its ride is also compliant since it has impressive features that provide it moves smoothly, even at high speeds.

New 2021 Q50 in Innisfil, ON / Greater Barrie Area

2021 INFINITI Q50 Interior


The interior of the 2021 Q50 is luxurious since it has excellent features that make it classy. The legroom inside the 2021 Q50 interior is refreshing because it has been designed in a spacious manner. The driver's seat is full of tech features that aim to make the driver comfortable. For starters, the driver's seat has a heating function that keeps the driver warm. The steering wheel also has a heating function that is key in boosting the driver's comfort.

Furthermore, the 2021 Q50 also has an AC system that enhances this car's comfort. The system uses massive technology in calculating the ideal temperature at any given point. It works classically to ensure that this temperature is maintained, which helps maintain comfort inside this sedan. The spacing at the back of this sedan is adequate for the storage of cargo. However, the back seats of this car cannot be folded to increase the storage space. The folding feature is only available in higher trim levels.

2021 INFINITI Q50 Exterior

2021 INFINITI Q50 Exterior 

The exterior of this sedan looks unique because of its sporty nature. The headlights and the taillights have excellent designs, and the side mirrors have been placed in the right places. The wheels on the 2021 Q50 exterior are massive, and the tires have impressive treads that ensure that this sedan has an adequate grip on the road.

2021 Q50 Performance

Furthermore, this sedan's suspension system is exceptional since it dramatically helps enhance this vehicle's performance. Ideally, it can absorb and neutralize all the disturbance when the car is moving on terrible terrain. Furthermore, when this car is on an all-wheel-drive, its performance is greatly enhanced. This means that the torque is distributed to all the wheels, ensuring that all the wheels have adequate power. This ensures that the car performs well, especially when the road is slippery.

2021 Q50 Specifications

The 2021 Q50 for sale in Innisfil Ontario Greater Barrie Area has an exceptional engine that is very powerful because of its 300 horsepower. The engine is turbocharged, which plays a massive role in giving the car extra power when it is accelerating. Its transmission system is seven-speed, and it is also automatic. This car's pick-up speed is impressive, and its acceleration is also smooth because of its engine and transmission system. Its handling is also unique and stable since it has a good steering system that is precise, ensuring that this sedan moves stably, even if it moves at high speeds. 

Besides, it also has an adaptive steering wheel that helps the driver steer the vehicle, especially when driving at high speeds. Its wheels are too broad, ensuring that the surface area in contact with the road is large enough for sufficient grip. This helps this 2021 Q50 to perform well, even when the road is slippery.

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The 2021 Q50 is a unique car with extraordinary abilities. Its ability to perform well even when the conditions are not favourable makes it a superior sedan in its class. Nonetheless, if you want to buy a 2021 Q50 car, you have to ensure that you get it from the best dealership. Primarily, we have a trade-in offer available in our dealership for this vehicle. Be sure to visit our finance centre today so that you complete a finance application before you start the online buying process.

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