QX Inspiration Fully Electric Concept Car

QX Inspiration Fully Electric Concept Car


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What is QX Inspiration Concept?

The Infiniti QX Inspiration is an SUV that the premium firm introduced into the auto show in Detroit back in 2019. The QX Inspiration is one of the numerous Inspiration automobiles that include a Sedan and an additional SUV. However, according to Infiniti, it will feature a high-performance motor and battery combination with a state of the art All-Wheel-Drive system. The concept will also come bearing some unique features like autonomous driving technology, an updated dashboard layout combined with high-resolution displays, and a cabin similar to a lounge.

The Inspiration Concept features

Based on Infiniti's upcoming all-electric platform, the QX Inspiration's design is expected to trickle down to the new medium-sized crossover with a high-performance bent that will be the brand's first-ever, fully-electric automobile. The QX inspiration battery pack is situated under the floor to bring the centre of gravity as low as possible for improved handling. It has an electric motor on the axles to enable all-wheel drive as desired with great acceleration. Information detailing the power output, range estimates, or performance is not available for the QX Inspiration drivetrain.

The QX Inspiration's dimensions measure 4,650 millimetres long, 1,630 millimetres high, and sitting on a 2,850-millimetre wheelbase; the QX has a cab-forward design and minimal front and rear overhangs. QX inspiration boasts 558-millimetre wheels and features a Kamm-back shape to improve its aerodynamics efficiency and not to mention a sportier appearance. The Electric car platform creates more opportunities to develop new and exciting interior designs, heavily relying on the Japanese sense of beauty and aesthetics.

The cabin of this Inspiration Concept comes with timber Louvre headlining, based on Japanese architecture. On the other hand, the flat floor is carpeted with rhomboid white suede panels having gold inlays. The front row seats can rotate 30 degrees outward for easy ingress and egress, while the rear seats feature a relaxing sofa-style design. The doors, seats, and dashboard all come with a patented dot-quilted fabric from Infiniti, a design adopted from Chesterfield lounge chairs. In addition to the configurable instrumentation screen and the infotainment monitor, the QX Inspiration also comes with a smaller display ahead of the front passenger plus a widescreen display in the middle of the steering wheel.

INFINITI QX Inspiration Interior

QX Inspiration Fully Electric Concept Car

The QX Inspiration Fully Electric Concept Car is based on the QX concept and will be the company's first entry into pure Electric Vehicles. The all-electric SUV will host two electric motors and batteries covering the entire floorplan. This arrangement is the new normal for electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf hatchback and the Tesla Model three. It will also feature a standard all-wheel drive, and it is expected to share some components with Nissan Ariya, which is also an upcoming model.

Discover the Interior

The QX Inspiration Concept's interior showcases the capability of the new electric car platforms. The battery pack powering the QX is arranged beneath the floor, and an electric motor on an individual axle removes the intrusion from transmission tunnels or driveshaft. This leaves room for a spacious, lounge-like space, and the flat floors also provide more generous space for passengers and luggage.

The QX Concept's dashboard comes equipped with a widescreen monitor going from pillar to pillar with a polarized gold-tinted glass finish. The steering wheel is rectangular and trimmed in white and soft brown leather, and the steering wheel also features its monitor.

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